There is an invisible web of vibrations across the ether: ineffable reverberations of resplendent force, able to attune us to the frequency of emotions. Energy waves effuse from our emotional self and radiate everywhere. In the encounter with the glowing aura of creatures entwined with our destiny, they are captured and refracted, modulating harmonious chords throughout the space: revelations of grace and perfection.

LANIMAH was born to pursue these visions and to lead our souls along the edge of balance between sense and sentiment. To reveal the emotional synchronies of elective affinities between a human being and a beloved pet and to distill the essence of their encounter in the alchemic process that renders it substantial, real and eternal. This is what inspires and motivates our design. 
Incomparable works of art, precious blend of the noblest materials with the most attentive artisanal craftsmanship.

LANIMAH captures the essence of the bond between human and pet and infuses it with eternity, clarity, and perfection.  Making it timeless, unequivocal and absolute.

Each of our creations is a primal core, an inimitable expression of an exclusive bond of love. Like a prism that captures and refracts light, diffusing its rainbow rays in all directions, LANIMAH absorbs the profits of its works and effuses benefic beams that radiate to the aid of scores, hundreds, thousands of other animals, guided by the beneficial might of its vision.
Because a work of art is an act of love, as life itself is but a waft, a whisper breathed through a wind of emotion.

An investiture bestowed upon us: to pursue day after day the flawless effigy of our ideals. To make it eternal and real.

Roger Trussardi